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Motorcyclist Who Lost Leg in Crash Settles for $2.475M in Essex County

By Charles Toutant |

In Rivera v. Coote, a man whose leg was amputated after his motorcycle collided with a car was paid a $2.475 million presuit settlement on March 20.

Electronics Company Awarded $3.7M in Contract Dispute

By Charles Toutant |

A Passaic County jury awarded a $3.7 million verdict on March 28 to a Dover electronics company in Electrospec Inc. v. New Jersey Micro-Electronic Testing Inc., a breach-of-contract and fraud suit.

X-ray of the pelvis and spinal column.

Fuel Tanker vs. Car Accident Yields $3.6M Settlement in Essex County

By David Gialanella |

A woman who claimed she sustained debilitating injuries when her car was struck by a fuel tanker in a gas station parking lot was paid a $3.6 million settlement in her Essex County suit, Arias v. DOQ Transport.

Drug-Involved Fatal Crash Leads to $5M Settlement in Middlesex

By David Gialanella |

A $5.04 million settlement in a Middlesex County suit, claiming a tractor-trailer driver treating with methadone was asleep at the wheel when he slammed into another vehicle, was paid on March 20.

Union County Failure-to-Diagnose Case Settles for $4.75 Million

By Charles Toutant |

The family of a woman who died after diagnosis of her stomach cancer allegedly was delayed agreed to a $4.75 million settlement in their Union County suit, Markov v. Davessar, on Feb. 15.

Woman Struck by Truck Settles for $5.35 Million in Middlesex County

By By Michael Booth |

In Parikh v. Frock Brothers Trucking, a North Brunswick woman will receive $5.35 million as compensation for injuries she sustained when she was struck by a tractor-trailer.

Jury Awards $5.05 Million in Hudson County Eminent Domain Case

By — By Charles Toutant |

A Hudson County jury awarded $5.05 million on Feb. 2 in North Hudson Sewerage Authority v. Maxwell Place Condominium Association for permanent and temporary sewer easements across a condominium association's property after the condemning agency offered $567,100.

Suit Linking Nosebleed Treatment to Stroke Yields $5.15 Million Verdict

By By David Gialanlela |

A Somerset County jury in Polt v. Kroon awarded $5.15 million to a woman who claimed a procedure performed to stop chronic nosebleeds resulted in a stroke, though a high-low agreement reached during trial caps recovery at $1 million.

Injuries Sustained in Bus vs. Bus Crash Leads to $4 Million Settlement

A woman who was left permanently disabled in a crash between a commuter bus and a school bus agreed to a $4 million settlement in her Middlesex County suit, Carhuff v. Academy Express LLC.

Three Plaintiffs to Recover $2.95M in Somerset County Automobile Accident

Three people injured when their car collided with another will share $2.95 million as compensation for their injuries in a settlement reached on Feb. 1 in Moretta v. Brody.

Teen Injured in Auto Accident Awarded $4.1 Million Verdict in Bergen County

By Staff Reports |

In Kim v. Kim, a Bergen County jury awarded $4.1 million on Dec. 19 to a teenager who brought a claim against her father over injuries she suffered in a motor vehicle crash.

Suits & Deals: Garbage Truck Crash Into Parked SUV Leads to $2.23M Deal in Monmouth

A Howell Township woman has received $2.23 million as compensation for injuries she received when her vehicle was struck by a garbage-collection truck.

Suits & Deals

Suits & Deals

Suits & Deals: Woman injured in pedestrian accident awarded $5.225 million verdict

By Charles Toutant |

A woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a pedestrian accident was awarded a $5.225 million verdict in her Somerset County suit.

Suits & Deals: Longshoreman Gets $2 Million in Federal Suit Over On-the-Job Injury

By Michael Booth |

Longshoreman receives $2 million as compensation for injuries he received when he tripped and fell over lashing bars on a ship being unloaded at Maher Terminals in Elizabeth.

Suits & Deals: Suit Stemming From Pregnant Woman's Death Settles for $2.5M

By David Gialanella |

A medical malpractice suit linking the deaths of an expectant mother and the child to the failure of two doctors to treat the mother's prenatal high blood pressure, settled for $2.5 million.

Suits & Deals: Failure-to-Diagnose Case Yields $4.25M Jury Verdict

By Charles Toutant |

A Middlesex County jury awarded $4.25 million to a woman who claimed her face was left partially paralyzed after doctors failed to diagnose a tumor of the salivary gland.

Suits & Deals: Suit Over Two Crashes, Including UM and UIM Claims, Settles for $2.3M

By David Gialanella |

Litigation stemming from a pair of auto accidents that allegedly left a man disabled was settled for $2.3 million in Hudson County.

Suits & Deals: Auto and Dram Shop Claims Settle for Combined $4.65 Million

By Charles Toutant |

Three people who were hurt in a head-on crash involving a drunken driver will receive a total of $4.65 million to settle their Middlesex County suits.

Suits & Deals: Family of Toddler Burned by Bath Settles for $3.3M

By David Gialanella |

A Hudson County suit claiming a nurse caused burns to a toddler's feet and ankles by drawing a bath with water that was too hot was settled Nov. 2 for $3.29 million.

Suits & Deals: $5.975 Million Settlement in Case of Child Struck by Vehicle

By David Gialanella |

A boy struck by a car in the street and his family settled a Monmouth County suit, for $5.975 million on Nov. 7.

Suits & Deals: Atlantic County Jury Awards $4.69M in Case of Undiagnosed Cancer

By Michael Booth |

An Atlantic County jury awarded $4.69 million to the estate of a woman who died after doctors failed to diagnose and treat her cancer, though the actual recovery will be less.

Suits & Deals: Suit Against Township Over Single-Car Crash Settles for $1.45M in Middlesex

By Charles Toutant |

Two women who claimed that their car crashed due to poor road conditions have agreed to a $1.45 million settlement in their Middlesex County suit.