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A significant part of what we do at the Law Journal is to dig for, gather, organize, analyze and—ideally—find insights in data. We present several such projects to the readers over the course of the year in hopes that they will be informative and instructive to you.

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Litigation and Legal Departments of the Year 2016

Each year, the Law Journal takes stock of teams of legal professionals in New Jersey handling the most notable matters.

Top Women in the Law 2016

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Meet the New Jersey Law Firm Associates—Class of 2016

By David Gialanella |

Rating the Judges

By David L. Gialanella |

It's been three years since the New Jersey Law Journal's last survey of federal practitioners about federal judges in the state. During that relatively short window, the turnover has not been dramatic (with the exception of the bankruptcy bench) but some well-known jurists are no longer in these pages.