Mindful Lawyering

By John J. Van Dyken |

The answer to dealing with the stress of legal practice is within each of us--it is called mindfulness.

Appellate Court too Lenient on Convicted Rapist

By Louis Locascio |

Based on the heinous nature of the facts, this author respectfully disagrees with a recent appellate decision.

Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi

Instilling Widespread Fear Does not Make us Safer

By Lori A. Nessel |

Using immigration law to rule a significant portion of our population through fear is counter to any notion of democracy and good governance and will pose long-term costs to society.

Celebrating our Love of the Law

By Paula A. Franzese |

While the law may not always love us back, love for our craft is always a choice. Exercised persistently, it can move mountains.

So Political!

By Peter Lederman |

In this time of "change" that elected our new president, it's time for us to take care of business at home and reform our municipal courts.

Bar Associations Strongly Decry Trump Immigration Orders

Affinity bar associations across this state have come together to declare "that something is wrong" and we "are not afraid to speak up."

Editorial on Revamped Remediation Rule Got It Wrong

By John Oberer |

The editorial, "Revamped Remediation Rule Yields Absurd Result" misreads the impact of a recent appellate decision.

The Uninsured Motorist Scam

By Stephen Hankin |

This commentary explores the need for legislative or regulatory action mandating an award of attorney fees and costs for a prevailing insured's limited pursuit of a property damage claim under New Jersey's Uninsured Motorist Act.

What Is a 'Gifted' Child?

By Louis Locascio |

Being motivated and focused does not make a child "gifted."

Paula Franzese

In Defense of Hope

By Paula A. Franzese |

The end of this fraught year, and the start of another, presents the opportunity to take stock of our first principles and remember why we chose this craft, what we stand for and how we would want to be remembered.

Teacher Seniority Is Not the Root of All Evil

By Kenneth I. Nowak |

Response to a previous op-ed that argued in favor of setting aside seniority and tenure laws governing the order of teacher layoffs.

The author with his son and law partner, Jonas Seigel, in Stry, Ukraine.

Finding Roots Through a Legal Assignment

By Jan Seigel |

A lawyer pays homage to his father while on a trip to Ukraine to teach at Odessa Law School.

Lessons Politicians Can Learn from Trial Lawyers

By Christopher M. Placitella |

Reflections on the presidential eletion and the importance of messaging.

Will Bail Reform in NJ Have Positive Impact on Immigrant Community?

By Milena A. Wilson |

In January 2017, a new bail system will be in effect in New Jersey; will the new system impact bond relief from immigration detention?