The Tiger Tapes

By Peter H. Lederman |

More people arrested for DWI should receive the kind of support that Tiger Woods is getting.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

By Mitchell H. Portnoi |

Does the punishment fit the crime of possessing a small amount of marijuana, when alcohol and cigarettes are legal?

It's Time to Revamp New Jersey's Landlord/Tenant Laws

By Mahlon Fast |

Detailed recommendations regarding landlord/tenant laws, made by the NJ Law Revision Commission, were apparently never considered by the legislature.

Pretrial Intervention: Prosecutor's Discretion Is Not Unlimited

By Louis Locascio |

The court, not the prosecutor, has the final say regarding pretrial intervention.

N.J. Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

Chief Justice Rabner's Remarks at the May 2017 NJSBA Meeting


Has Our Government Lost Its Moral Compass?

By Milena A. Wilson |

A look at the immigration enforcement policy that would open the door for prosecution of parents who paid or coordinated for their children to travel to the USA with the use of smugglers.

The 'Scafidi' Quagmire and the 3 Percent Solution

By Bruce H. Nagel |

The ambiguous language in Model Jury Charge 5.50--which provides no guidance on the definition of "substantial factor" regarding the causation of an injury--must be resolved.

Is There a Prosecutor in the House?

By Sharon B. Ransavage |

Can it be that some people are insulated from prosecution by virtue of the very power that they hold?

Why We Do the Work

By Paula Franzese |

Words of inspiration from a law professor.

The 'Imperial' Judiciary Is Doing Just Fine

By Harvey Weissbard |

Naveen Nadipuram's intemperate rant in his Oct. 4 op-ed, concerning the decision by U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker invalidating the California voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, entirely misses the point when he chastises the court for "inventing a right to same-sex marriage."

Spring Cleaning

By Peter H. Lederman |

We should take a fresh look at our motor vehicle laws, and put together a new code that innovates and addresses today's motor vehicle problems.

Equitable Distribution for Period of Pre-marital Cohabitation

By Louis Locascio |

A New Jersey statute was interpreted to permit a spouse to be entitled to equitable distribution of assets earned not only during the marriage but also during the parties' pre-marital cohabitation.

Co-equal Branches of Government vs. Dictatorship

By Joseph P. Castiglia |

A commentary on the independence of our three branches of government.