Corporate Monitorships: Avoiding Costly Pitfalls

By Matthew Boxer and Alex Stohmeyer |

Use of corporate monitors has become an increasingly common means of oversight, so it is essential for monitors, regulators and companies to understand and avoid common pitfalls associated with the practice.

Avoiding Verbosity in Legal Writing

By Natalie H. Mantell and Amanda M. Munsie |

Judges have full dockets to manage and countless briefs to read. Your clients and your colleagues are managing a multitude of cases. Why make them read more than they must?

Law Firm Succession Planning: The Key Word Is 'Planning'

By Marc S. Friedman |

To have a successful transition when a law firm partner retires, the firm should have a detailed, multifaceted succession strategy and plan in place.

Business Succession Planning: Who's Driving Your Limo?

By Christine S. Filip |

Now is a time of opportunity for the next generation to absorb plum leadership and client management roles; what are the critical skills that will make these new leaders effective?

Accounts Receivable: Problem or Opportunity?

By Jake Krocheski |

Turn your firm's accounts-receivable management program into a proactive way to generate revenue.

Financial Challenges Facing the Legal Profession

By Henry Sackler and Lori R. Sackler |

Two financial advisors interview attorneys at leading law firms, asking about the financial hurdles that lawyers must now overcome.

Do Not Underestimate Your Own Power in Your Career

By Dena Lefkowitz |

How to connect with sources of inspiration when you need a little nudge in your career.

When It Comes to Laterals, 'Moneyball' Is a Myth

By Eric Dewey |

When hiring a lateral partner, look at the candidate's client relationships, not his statistics.

Firm Mergers and Lateral Acquisitions: A Due-Diligence Primer

By Joel A. Rose |

A description of the due-diligence process and the criteria required for a successful law-firm merger.

'What Do You Do for a Living?'

By Bill Taylor |

When networking, be specific about what you "do" for a living.

Left to right: Randy Evans and Shari Klevens, Dentons partners

Bad Deposition Conduct and Its Consequences

To stay on the right side of the rules during depositions, behave as if the judge is in the room, advise Randy Evans and Shari Klevens.

How Your Vocal Presence Influences Your Success

By Christine S. Filip and Sharlene Vichness |

As a professional, one's success is heavily influenced by one's voice; we use words and physical presence to achieve results.