Case Digests

Thompson v. Bd. of Trustees, Teachers' Pension and Annuity Fund

Petition for Accidental Disability Benefits Appropriately Denied under 'Patterson' Test

Xylem Dewatering Solutions Inc. v. Dir., Div. of Taxation

Affirmation of Assessment of Tax on Gain from Deemed Sale of Assets of S Corp.

In re: Lipitor Antitrust Litig.

Action Did Not "Arise From" Patent Law Where Claim Could Succeed on Nonpatent Law Theory

State v. Benjamin

Defendant Seeking Waiver of Mandatory Minimum Sentence Not Entitled to Discovery From Other Cases

State v. Nance

Only the Assignment Judge Has Discretion to Elect Alternative Sentences in Graves Act

N.E., as Legal Guardian for Infant J.V. v. N.J. Dep't of Children and Families

Caseworkers Entitled to Immunity Relating to Father's Assault of Infant Son

State v. Miller

Child Pornography Sentence Remanded for Merger

New York-Connecticut Dev. Corp. v. Blinds-to-Go (U.S.) Inc.

Jury's Consideration of Quantum Meruit Damages Improper Upon Finding the Existence of Express Contract

Conley v. Guerrero

Attorney's Notice of Disapproval Valid Where Actual Notice to Property Buyer(s) Sent by Industry-Standard Methods of Communication

State v. Holland

Trial Judges Required to Recuse for Prior Criminal Defense Representation of Defendant

State v. Perkins

Defense Allowed 45 Days to File Appeal Due to Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Lapolla v. Cnty. of Union

Failure to Show Constitutionally Protected Conduct Fatal to Political Affiliation Discrimination Claim

James v. Global Tellink Corp.

Terms of Use Unenforceable Where Users Not Shown or Required to Affirmatively Assent to Terms

In the Matter of Restrepo

Civil Service Commission Termination of Corrections Officer's Employment Timely

Motorworld Inc. v. Benkendorf

Fraudulent Transfer Occurred Where Debtor Transferred Corporation's Debt

Caltabiano v. Gill

County Clerk's Board Size Transition Plan Not Within Discretion Where It Violated Statutory Scheme Governing Size Change

In Re: Linear Elec. Co., Inc.

Automatic Stay Precluded Materials Suppliers from Filing Construction Liens Against Bankrupt Contractor

State v. Denman

Denial of Pretrial Intervention Based on Breach of Public Trust Reversed

NL Indus., Inc. v. State

State Not Liable for Pre-Spill Act Discharge in Absence of Waiver of Sovereign Immunity

ALIments Krispy Kernels, Inc v. Nichols Farms

Summary Judgment Inappropriate Over Whether Parties Bound to Contract Containing Arbitration Clauses