Case Digests

Estrada v. Johnson & Johnson

No Injury-in-Fact on Benefit of the Bargain Theory Based on Manufacturer's Omission in Absence of Affirmative Duty to Disclose

Smith v. Datla

Unauthorized Disclosure of Medical Information Constituted Injury to Requestor of Application of Two-Year Limitations Period

Gottfried v. Hollander

N.J. Properly Continued Jurisdiction over Custody Where Parties Consented to Jurisdiction While One Party Continued to Reside There

N. Jersey Media Grp. v. Twp. of Lyndhurst

Release of Use of Force Reports Not Excepted from OPRA Disclosure Because Their Creation Was Required by Law

Susinno v. Work Out World, Inc.

Single Phone Call Was Sufficiently Concrete Injury for Standing Where Elevated to Legally Cognizable Harm by Act of Congress

Grande v. St. Claire's Health Sys.

Employee's Absences Created Factual Dispute Over Whether She Was Actually Performing Her Job upon Termination

Dutch Run-Mays Draft, LLC v. Wolf Block, LLP

Registration to Do Business and Acceptance of Service of Process Alone Insufficient to Establish General Personal Jurisdiction

Reibman v. Myers

Rights as Joint Possessor Extinguished Where Spouse Added to Title Pursuant to Her Wishes

State v. Dunbar

Federal Standard Not Requiring Reasonable Suspicion for Canine Sniff That Does Not Prolong Legitimate Traffic Stop Adopted

U.S. v. Jackson

Elements-Based Analysis Proper to Determine "Sufficiently Analogous" Offense Sentencing Guideline for Federally Assimilated State Law Crime

Halley v. Honeywell Int'l, Inc.

Trial Court Erred in Awarding Counsel Fees in Settlement Against One Defendant Without Itemizing Counsel's Work as to Each Defendant

U.S. v. Stimler

Mobile Phone Users Did Not Have Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in Their Aggregate Historical Cell Site Location Information

Fisher v. City of Millville

Veteran Must Be Exposed to Harms of War for Service Injury to Qualify Veteran for Property Tax Exemption

Sacklow v. Betts

Best Interest Standard Applied to Consideration of Petition to Change Transgender Minor Child's Name to Match Identified Gender

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB v. Zimmerman

Appointment of Receiver in Foreclosure of Single-Family Residence Inequitable and in Contravention of Fair Foreclosure Act

Atl. Ambulance Corp. v. Cullum

Ambulance Services Not Subject to Consumer Fraud Claims under "Learned Professional" Exception Due to Comprehensive Regulation of Industry

Allen v. DeBello

State Court Judges Not Proper Parties to §1983 Suits Where Judges Acted as Neutral Arbiters

State v. Cole

Admission of Video of Defendant Alone in Interrogation Room, Without Limiting Instruction, Not Plain Error

In the Matter of State of New Jersey and Fraternal Order of Police

Newly Certified Bargaining Unit for Law Enforcement Officials Was Subject to 2 Percent Salary Cap Upon Triggering Interest Arbitration

State v. Tringali

State Had Jurisdiction for Out-of-State Computer Crimes Where Purpose and Result of Activity Was to Harm In-State Entity