Case Digests

State v. Carrero

Defendant Entitled to Jury Charge Inconsistent with Defense Theory Where Charge Had Rational Basis in Evidence

State v. Carrero

Defendant Entitled to Passion/Provocation Charge with Rational Basis in Evidence

Jones v. Doe

FLSA Plaintiffs Not Required to First Submit Claim to Arbitration Where Interpretation of CBA Unnecessary

N.J. Div. of Child Prot. and Permanency v. T.U.B

Title 9 Hearsay Exception Inapplicable to Title 30 Guardianship Proceeding

N.J. Div. of Child Prot. and Permanency v. J.L.G.

Paramour Qualified as Guardian Committed Abuse or Neglect by Failing to Intervene in Parent's Excessive Discipline

U.S. ex rel. Andre Petra v. Simparel, Inc.

Government-Created Entity Acting as Receiver for Failed Financial Institution Was Not "Government" for FCA Purposes

Hejda v. Bell Container Corp.

Discharge Claims Not Pre-empted by Section 301 of LMRA Where Not Requiring Interpretation of CBA

State v. Habeeb Robinson

Audio and Video Files Not Required as Evidence for Disclosure in Pretrial Detention Hearings

K.A. v. J.L.

Service by Facebook Proper Where Alleged Conduct of Unlocated Defendant Occurred Through Platform

U.S. v. Cardaci

Calculation of Spouses' Interests for Judicial Sale Analysis Required Consideration of Life Expectancies and Future Interest

B.C. v. Div. of Child Prot. and Permanency

Grandparent Could Seek Visitation Either in Ongoing FN Docket or by Filing Companion FD Case

State v. Tier

Criminal Defendant Not Obligated to Produce Synopses of Witnesses' Anticipated Testimony

U.S. ex rel. Gerasimos Petratos v. Genentech

False Claims Act Action Dismissed for Failure to Establish That Falsities Influenced Payment or Receipt of Money

Steele v. Cicchi

Placement in Administrative Segregation Not Violation of Substantive Due Process

In Re N.J.A.C. 12:17-2.1

Regulatory Definition of "Simple Misconduct" by Employees Overturned for Conflating Concepts

State v. Randolph

Defendant Had Automatic Standing to Challenge Warrantless Search

State v. Robinson

Protective Sweep of Passenger Compartment Not Justified Where Occupants Prohibited Access to Vehicle

Fairfax Fin. Holdings Ltd. v. S.A.C. Capital Mgmt., LLC

New Jersey Civil RICO Statute Inapplicable Where Alleged Conduct and Harm Occurred Outside State

Holmes v. Jersey City Police Dept.

Harassing Comments and Physical Threats Made by Police Officers Toward Transgendered Arrestee Created Hostile Environment

MacDonald v. CashCall, Inc.

Arbitration Clause That Waived Applicability of Federal and State Law Invalid as Illusory