Case Digests

Fried v. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Bank's Extension of Private Mortgage Insurance Payments Violated Homeowners Protection Act

Sullivan v. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Port Authority Not Subject to Suit Under CEPA

State v. Garrison

Evidence Was Admissible Where It Was Probative of Defendant's Course of Conduct of Abuse

R.G. v. R.G.

Siblings' Dispute Over Parents' Care Did Not Warrant Restraining Order

Roach v. BM Motoring LLC

Defendants Barred from Compelling Arbitration After Failing to Pay Required Fees

State v. Robertson

Stays of DWI License Suspensions Subject to Different Standards

Noren v. Heartland Payment Sys. Inc.

Rule Requiring Submission of Documents Applies to All Summary Judgment Dispositions

State v. Joe

Defendant Not Entitled to Jail Credits for Out-of-State Detention Not Solely Related to New Jersey Charges

175 Exec. House LLC v. Miles

S-RAP Voucher Tenant Cannot Be Evicted for Failure to Pay Additional Rent Charges Under Lease

In Re: Ernest J. Keise and Marcia E. Keise

Debt Was Subject to Bankruptcy Modification Where Secured by Both Consensual and Statutory Liens

Acevedo v. Flightsafety Int'l, Inc.

LAD Back Pay Award Could Not Be Offset by Unemployment Compensation Benefits

State v. Kane

Criminal Defendant Was Not Entitled to 'Pierce' Privilege of Medical Records of Complaining Witness

Matejek v. Watson

Spill Act Permitted Court to Equitably Require Owners to Share in Investigation and Remediation

State v. Hamlett

Police Could Conduct Limited Warrantless Search for Proof of Vehicle Ownership/Insurance

In the Matter of Tukes

Layoffs Based on Lateral Job Title Rights Correctly Carried Out

State v. Jones

Published Opinion in Community Supervision Case Withdrawn as Precedent

Bound Brook Bd. of Educ. v. Ciripompa

Arbitrator Impermissibly Applied Sexual Harassment Standard to Unbecoming Conduct Charge

Gen. Foods Credit Investors #3 Corp. v. Dir., Div. of Taxation

Sale-Leaseback Assets Not Includable in Lessor's CBT Business Allocation Fraction Where Lessee Retained Benefits and Burdens of Ownership

Dunbar Homes Inc. v. Zoning Bd. of the Twp. of Franklin

Time of Application Rule Applies Only When All Required

McInroy v. Vill. Supermarket Inc.

Court Imposes Discovery Sanction for Failure to Appear for IME