Case Digests

State v. Forchion

Time to Resolve Pretrial Motions Filed by Defendant or Counsel Excludable from Speedy Trial Period Calculation under CJRA

Sauter v. Colts Neck Volunteer Fire Co. No. 2

CEPA Did Not Apply to Member of Volunteer Firefighting Company Because He Did Not Stand in True Employer-Employee Relationship

The Palisades at Ft. Lee Condo. Ass'n, Inc. v. 100 Old Palisade, LLC

Accrual of Construction-Defect Claim Applied Equally to Original Owner as to All Subsequent Owners and Did Not Reset Upon Sale

U.S. v. Poulson

District Court Erred in Imposing Occupational Restriction for Term Longer Than Statutory Maximum for Supervised Release

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Comm'n v. DiVincenzo

Election Commission Only Needed Common Law Quorum, Without Regard to Political Affiliations, to Approve Complaint

State v. Brady

Turning In Live-in Paramour Subject to Arrest Warrant Was Not Required Official Duty of Judge

Moody v. Atlantic City Bd. of Ed.

Employee Who Exercised Sole Authority Over Worker's Hours Was Supervisor for Title VII/NJLAD Liability

State v. Nicholson

Intimate Parts Were "Exposed" to View Under Criminal Statute Where Visible Through Sheer Undergarments

Montclair State Univ. v. Cnty. of Passaic

Courts Had Sole Jurisdiction to Determine State Agency's Satisfaction of Obligation to Consult with Local Authorities in Development Plans

McClain v. Bd. of Review, Dept. of Labor

Employee Need Not Start New Employment to Be Eligible for 7-Day Exemption from Voluntary Termination Unemployment Benefits Eligibility

City Select Auto Sales Inc. v. BMW Bank of N. Am. Inc.

Class Certification Erroneously Denied for Lack of Ascertainability; Defendants' Records, Putative Members' Affidavits Could Feasibly Establish Membership

Kamienski v. State

Plaintiff Eligible to Recover Under Mistaken Imprisonment Act Where Remaining Conviction Was Consecutive to Vacated Conviction

Moon v. Breathless Inc.

Arbitration Clause in Independent Contractor Agreement Did Not Encompass Statutory Claims Where Such Claims Not Specifically Waived

State v. Hyman

Admission of Detective's Testimony on Slang Harmless Where Detective Had Qualifications to Testify as Expert

In Re: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

District Court Erred in Granting Defendants' Transfer Motion Where Some Defendants Were Subject to Forum-Selection Clause

In re: Lipitor Antitrust Litig.

Claims of Favorable Reverse Payment Settlement Agreements Were Sufficient to Constitute Allegation of Anticompetitive Activity

City of Orange Twp. Bd. of Ed. v. City of Orange Twp.

Referendum Results Enjoined Where Challenger Alleged Voters Were Not Informed of Significant Financial Consequences of Referendum

E.S. v. H.A.

Court-Ordered Requirement for Parent to Admit to Abuse as Condition of Parenting Time Application Violated Constitutional Prohibition Against Self-Incrimination

Slutsky v. Slutsky

Trial Court Erred in Failing to Make Specific Factual Findings in Calculation of Goodwill in Defendant's Equitably Distributed Law Firm Interest

State In The Interest of D.M., a juvenile

Legislature Did Not Intend to Criminalize Sexual Contact Not Involving Penetration Between Minors Close in Age